The club began with 11 members.  The idea grew to having bi-monthly events where we could eat, drink and
smoke cigars together.  At the time, we didn't have much of a direction for the club.

The club continued to grow as we approached the Holidays in 2009.  Having members of the club previously
serving our country in the military, we wanted to do something special.  For a span of six weeks, the club and
it's members, were able to raise enough money to send 900 cigars to the Middle East to our troops.  

A Santa Clarita based charity,
Prayer Angels for the Military, helped us get the cigars to the troops.  All we
asked in return was a picture of the troops smoking the cigars with the banner we sent in the background,
and that's exactly what we got!  Club motto: "Smoke 'Em if you Got 'Em".
It's 2012.  We now have a second chapter in Elk Grove, CA.  
Every member of the club is a Cigar Rights of America member.  
We've had several cigar companies sponsor our events.  
If you are interested in joining, just shoot us an
e-mail and we'll get back to you.
In March of 2010 the club decided to take it up a notch.  The founding members got together
and created an official logo, and in turn challenge coins inspired by the military (pictured on
the right).  It shows the commitment to the club and to the love of cigars.  Don't have your
club coin on you and you're challenged by another member?  You have to cut, AND light a
cigar for the member who challenged!  

We then created the shirts shown below.  A casual polo with breathable sides featuring our
club coin on the left breast.  Also, a premium heavy duty button up with our club coin
featured on the left breast, a customized nickname on the right sleeve and our club motto
across the back of the shirt.
About Us
The history of the SACC
During the Holiday season of 2010, we sent 1300 cigars to the men and women of our military.  to
send cigars.  We send them out as requested.  And we reached our goal of 2,000 cigars by the
end of the year.  Next year, we hope to send even more cigars!