Tony Sayegh - Marketing & Events
If you are a committee member or know an organizer of an event,
let us know.  Tony will help in ironing out the details, the timing, transport, etc.  
And of course, let's be logical about what events we suggest the club be a part of.  

Chris Russ - Marketing
Chris will be playing the part of ambassador to the club towards
various causes.  Most notably he is working with CRA to have all us become
members.  Contact Chris for anything that may serve as a marketing tool for the club.

Adam Wohlers - Membership Director
If you have invited a friend to join a smoker event, and their curious about how things work,
have them contact Adam or Billy.  They can answer any and all questions involved in sponsoring guests.  
He will also explain the expectations involved in being a member of SACC.

Bill Hammer - Catering
Have a good idea for the food to be served at our events?  Contact Bill and you
can help us in changing it up at our events.  We always welcome new ideas.

James Jones - Liquor Connoisseur
If you find a great liquor to pair with cigars, email James about it.  He will research the drink and give a
seminar at the next event.  A great addition to our smokers.

Jeremiah Ford - Veteran Affairs
Jeremiah is one of several veterans in our cigar club.  He has made huge strides in involving the local
VFW with the cigar club.  He is the man to contact for any all things involved in veteran affairs.

Joe Diaz - Cigar Lounge Tour Guide
Joe knows a lot of the shops / lounges in Los Angeles County.  He will assist in putting together the cigar
lounge tours that we've all come to know and love.  A great way to visit a shop you otherwise wouldn't have.

Joey DeAnda - Cigar Louge Tour Guide
Joey will visit various cigar lounges in Southern California in an attempt to organize events for the club.  If
there is lounge you have visited, and think the club members will enjoy it, shoot Joey an email.

Laroy Walker - Veteran Affairs
Also a veteran, Laroy is helping to raise money for the club and will help out with veteran affairs.

Michael Hallman - Cigar Selection
Michael has a sub-committee who will be choosing the cigars that will be featured at our smoker events.  
Email Michael if you smoked a cigar recently that you think we would all enjoy at a smoker event.

Todd Herman - Venues
Todd has been a gracious host, multiple times for our smoker events.  If you can offer to loan
us your backyard for a smoker event, contact Todd.  He will give you details of the space and
layout required as well as the specifics of how we run the events.  
A list of contacts